A tiled bathroom with a bathtub on the right, toilet on the left, and a shower with a custom glass enclosure in the middle.

Things To Consider When Upgrading Your Shower Enclosure

Home remodeling projects can be a lot of fun to take on, but there’s a lot of effort that needs to go into each one. This is especially true if the application involves a lot of glass; for example, custom mirrors! Shower enclosures are no exception to this rule, as there’s a lot that you have to think about before you get one installed. In order to ensure the best functionality and look of your shower enclosure, we’ve assembled the most important things for you to think about first!

Size of the Bathroom

Perhaps the most important thing to think about before getting a shower enclosure installed is the size of your bathroom. This plays a pretty big role in determining what kind of shower enclosures can fit in your bathroom. Certain types of shower enclosures can only fit in so small of a space. Others will sharply limit the amount of space you have in your bathroom! Make sure you get the dimensions of your bathroom before you start shopping.


The next logical step in the process is to ask yourself how you want your shower enclosure to look. Do you want a good level of customization, or are you just looking for the sturdiest possible one? There are certain enclosures that offer more of this customization than others; for example, frameless shower enclosures don’t have a lot of it. It chooses a more minimalist approach, which is perfect for some people. Other enclosures will let you choose from things like design options and color for an added personal touch.

Shelf Life

The sturdiness of each shower enclosure is crucial to take into account before you install one. You obviously want your shower enclosure to last as long as possible, but there are certain ones whose shelf life is shorter than others. This is something that you’ll want to consider towards the end of your search; it’s an important factor to have, but not exactly top priority. It won’t mean anything if you get one with a great shelf life but it doesn’t fit in your bathroom!

Custom Shower Enclosures at Atlas Glass and Mirror

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